Friday, February 10, 2006

The Real Erlon Chaves

Orquestra St. Moritz directed by Erlon Chaves - Procura-Se Uma Virgem CID-14.025 (1971)

Composer, arranger and pianist Erlon Chaves was born in Sao Paulo and began studying music at seven years of age. After making a big name in the '50s as a "nightclub" pianist he soon began his career as bandleader and joined TV Excelsior of Sao Paulo.

In 1965 he relocated to Rio De Janeiro where he became musical director for TV Tupi and later TV Rio. It was shortly after this he accompanied Elis Regina on her Olympia excursion in Paris.

His bands always featured some of the best musicians around, and in the seventies his repertoire was a groovy melange of poppy international and Brasilian hits. Although saying this, his talents as arranger graced some of the most funky and hip recordings of the era.

This definitive soundtrack from the Brasilian comedy Procura-Se Uma Virgem was an almighty blend of soft-porn stylings with slinky organ lines, tight percussion and bass and sexy wordless vocals rivaling anything coming out of Cinecitta at the time. Seldom shows up and when it does goes for an arm & a leg!

What more could one ask?

01) Procura-Se Uma Virgem (Prefixo)
02) Procura-Se Uma Virgem - Valsa
03) Grilo
04) Os 3 Ladrões
05) Uma Velha Bossa
06) Vamos Nós
07) O Anjo E O Diabo
08) Tema De Amor
09) Ba Oba Oba
10) Procura-Se Uma Virgem (Sufixo)

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