Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jean Philippe Blin

Jean Philippe Blin - What Matter Now? (1970)
Futura GU.GER 21

A beautiful & enduring jazz trio recorded live in Paris with Jean Philippe Blin on piano with François Méchali on bass and Jean Jacques Schnell on drums.

Top Drawer!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Weil Deal

Gerry Weil - The Message (1971)
Mercury 13.016

A sizzling set by Austrian born pianist & Venezuelan emigre Gerry Weil.
Recorded in Caracus - cracking!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ray Rivera

Ray Rivera Orchestra - The Now Sound Of... (1970)
MGM LAT-10.001

Mod El Barrio! A batch of short instrumentals arranged by Ray Maldonado & Mauricio Smith. Nothing ground-breaking but a solid listen.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ouverture Éclair

Michel Herr Trio - Ouverture Éclair (1977)
MD 014

Still very active on the music scene, I hope Monsieur Herr won't mind my posting this relative obscurity put out a year after the fusion bomb Solis Lacus in '76. Recorded at Michel Dickenscheid Studio and released in small quantity. Beautiful & timeless Belgian trio jazz.

Michel Herr - piano
Freddie Deronde - double bass
Félix Simtaine - drums

Monday, January 11, 2010

Danny Long

Danny Long - She's Here At Last (1971)
Hark 28

Obscure privately pressed LP out of Chicago by singer/songwriter/pianist Danny Long. A quirky album of breezy tunes effortly blending jazz with folk. These indulgent albums sit uncomfortably in any one genre, which only adds to the appeal for me. He cut a double LP around the same time called 'Four Sides Of Love' - anybody?

1) She's Here At Last
2) Come To The Country
3) Our Happiness In Love
4) Guess I'll Have To Go Away
5) What Have They Done To The Moon
6) Looking Love To Me
7) Peaceful
8) New Child
9) Spartacus

Friday, January 8, 2010

Bryony James

Bryony James - Feeling Good (1969)
Mercury 20139SMCL

Moderately unknown American songstress on a UK only pressing - backed by an incendiary Laurie Holloway Quartet, who after Harry Stoneham was the man who led the band and traded quips with Michael Parkinson on his BBC chat show.
A solid listen but her motoring version of 'Our Day Will Come' and the bongo-driven 'Summertime' immediately leap out at you.

1) Feeling Good
2) I Got It Bad
3) Our Day Will Come
4) Sunny Gets Blue
5) Soon It's Gonna Rain
6) Look Of Love
7) Come Back To Me
8) Goin' Out Of My Head
9) Summertime
10) If You Go Away
11) How Insensitive
12) La Bamba