Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Grupo Medusa

Grupo Medusa – Ferrovias Som Da Gente SDG 18-83 (1983)

Here’s a favourite of mine, the smoothest and most perfectly realised Brasilian fusion from supergroup Grupo Medusa. The much maligned term ‘fusion’ conveys their effortless blend of jazz, bossa and homegrown ‘Nordeste’ leanings to the blistering funk of the title cut!

Formed in 1980, Ferrovias or 'Railroads' is their second album and comprises such luminaries as Amilson Godoy formerly of the Bossa Jazz Trio on piano & fender rhodes; famed guitarist Olmir Stocker (Alemão) who was part of Breno Sauer’s outfit in the 60s and member of the mythical Brazilian Octopus in 1968; bassist Cláudio Bertrami (brother of Azimuth’s José Roberto); drummer Chico Medori and percussionist Théo da Cuíca.

All the tracks are original, self-penned instrumental compositions and are co-produced collectively by the group.

1) Aduba-Lé
2) Lamentos
3) Fantasia
4) Cheiro Verde
5) Nordestina
6) Picadeiro
7) Ferrovias
8) Beija-Flor
9) Pouso Em Congonhas

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