Saturday, February 18, 2006

Piri on Quartin

Piri - Vocês Querem Mate Quartin LP-RSQ3 (1970)

This release typifies the sound of Roberto Quartin's eponymous and short lived label. Dark, brooding jazz but always tight and groovy.

Again, a crack troop has been assembled here. Accompanying Piri's guitar and gentle vocals are Danilo Caymmi and Paulinho Jobim on flute, Jorge Marinho on bass, the ubiquitous Wilson Das Neves on drums and Juquinha on percussion. Tita also adds guest vocals.

Elements of bossa, psych, funk & folk are to be had on these 10 originals all composed by Piri himself.

1) Reza Brava
2) As Incríveis Peripécias De Danilo
3) O Som Do Roberto
4) Sombra Morta
5) Vocês Querem Mate?
6) Cupído Esculpido
7) Chão Vermelho
8) Lágrimas
9) Espiral
10) Porta Do Sol

More from Quartin's 60s incarnation 'Forma' Records coming soon...

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