Friday, May 18, 2007


Arnaud Rodrigues - Tilim Copacabana CLP-11621 Soundtrack (1970)

I had planned to post this next week - but what the hell! There's no time like the present.

A rare score to a bittersweet black and white Brasilian telenovela about a pitiful young orphan boy, written by Dulce Santucci and directed by Wanda Kosmo - I bet you're excited now!

But wait, this is a lovely soundtrack full of wonderful surprises. Who can resist the dreamy groove of "Lot" or the funky "Victor Tema". Arnaud Rodrigues produces, performs and co-writes some of the tracks along with Adylson Godoy, Eduardo Gudin and Mario Albanese - there's even a couple of tunes penned by Toots Thielemans and Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb. Add the production talents of Jose Briamonte, Cyro Pereira and Luiz Chaves to the proceedings and you have something very special indeed.

1) Tilim
2) Lot
3) Ruas
4) Imaginação
5) Lady Fingers
6) Seven Seas Symphony
7) Mamãe Adriana
8) Tema De Victor
9) Brincando De Brincar
10) Cris e Raul
11) Tema De Anita
12) Eu, Tilim

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