Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Carlos Piper Spectacular!

Carlos Piper Orquestra - O Som Espetacular Da... Continental PPL-12.196 (1965)

A huge barnstorming orchestral affair courtesy the enigmatic trumpeter and bandleader Carlos Piper. If you're a fan of in-your-face big band blow-outs then this is for you. A great selection of Brasilian, international and movie hits of the day given the 'off the scale' Piper treatment. Who's heard a better Hava Nagila than this - one to drop at a flagging Barmitzvah.

1) Nana
2) Balanço Zona Sul
3) Bye Bye Love
4) A Hard Days Night
5) Hava Nagila
6) 55 Days At Peking
7) Pink Panther Theme
8) From Russia With Love
9) Consolação
10) Aurora
11) Perdido
12) Like Someone In Love

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