Thursday, January 4, 2007

Greg Alper

Greg Alper Band - Fat Doggie Adelphi AD-5009 (1978)

A happy & healthy 2007 to you all. Have been a little quiet on the posting front but am remedying that with this prize peice of groovy jazziness.

This is a quirky but strong album full of surprises. Heaven knows why it isn't more sought after considering the pedigree of the musicians and the quality of the tunes.

A very mixed bag this - a couple of opening dancefloor stompers give way to a handful of blisteringly tight & catchy jazz nuggets that you'll find yourself playing over & over again whilst uttering "why have I never heard of this LP?" It's this second half of the album that does it for me.

Along with Alper on saxes & flute, credits go to Rich Oppenheim (as) Ray Anderson (tb,vo) Al Clark (perc,vo) Richie Morales (ds) Ernie Provencher (b) Al Scott (b) Chuck Loeb (g) Steve Gutman (tp) Debbie & Olive Pointer, Jean Shaw (bg-vo).

1) Hole In Your Pocket
2) Fat Doggie
3) Give It Up
4) Huevos Nuevos
5) Cantaña Baratta
6) Suite For Renee
7) Five Verses For
8) Don't Ever Let Me Catch You

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