Wednesday, January 17, 2007

88 Keys And A Girl

Reg Wilson - 88 Keys And A Girl United Artists UAS-6692 (1968)

Reg Wilson moves in many directions, but the music always comes out in good taste. I like his originals. Another big asset here, I feel , is the voice of Corinna Manetto, a girl who is obviously a good musician. In the past, I have frequently indulged a taste for wordless vocalizing when capable voices have been avaliable to me, & I really appreciate the way Manetto anticipates the flow of music. Background or foreground , under or over , Reg Wilson's music comes off. I like it...note by Duke Ellington.

Not enough Reg's for me in the lexicon of groove, save Tilsley & Guest! Here's a classy little rarity I'm sure will be appreciated.

1) Theme From The Thomas Crown Affair
2) 888
3) To Make It Right
4) Hushabye Mountain
5) Sylvia's Theme
6) At Home With Holmes
7) Knowing When To Leave
8) Tony's Theme
9) Sunny

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