Monday, July 16, 2007

The Brazilian Suite

Rogerio Duprat - The Brazilian Suite KPM-1071 (1970)

"A modern theme suite written in filmic style by the highly acclaimed Brazilian composer Rogerio Duprat".

Mainly notable for forging the Tropicalia movement and his associations with Caetano Veloso, Gilbert Gil, Tom Zé, Gal Costa, Nara Leão and Os Mutantes. Rogerio Duprat was to abandon the commercial market following problems with deafness caused by interminable hours of studio time, and began to dedicate himself to the production of library music.

This early example for the legendary London based KPM library was never to be bettered in my opinion. A melting-pot of percussive and funky rhythms and moods, imagine a movie score to a spy flick set in Rio that never was - and you'll have some idea.

1) Theme Montage
2) Setting The Scene
3) Spotlight
4) Commerce In Rhythm
5) Percussion Highway
6) Tropical Green
7) Meeting In Brazilia
8) Rio Back Street
9) Flute Formula
10) Skilful Manoeuvre

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