Monday, November 6, 2006

Uncommonly good Werther!

Werther - Werther Stylo SSLP-1 (1970)

Here's one you don't see too often. A rare slice of jazzy bossa on the obscure Stylo label.

Werther (acoustic guitar &,vocals); Tranka (acoustic bass, tenor sax, piano); Luiz Roberto (drums); Bill Horne (flute, trumpet, melophone); Wanda, Helo, Malu, Carreteiro and Rupp (male/female chorus) with guest musicians featuring Edison Machado (drums); Naná Vasconcelo (percussion); Boi (bongo) and Toninho Silva (acoustic guitar).

With songs by Werther/Gil, Ricardo Arnt, Arthur Verocai/Paulinho Tapajós, Toninho Horta, Caetano Veloso and others. Slick, infectious and haunting - this LP delivers on several fronts.

1) Terça-Feira
2) Leilão
3) Catavento
4) Mudança
5) Litoral
6) Estuário
7) Mararia
8) Lenda
9) Aprestentação
10) Rei Do Chão
11) Dimensão
12) Ave Maria

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