Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Jazz Q

Martin Kratochvil's Jazz Q - Tidings Supraphon 1115 2450 (1977)

Czechoslovak organist, pianist, composer and successful owner of the BONTON label was a pioneer in the use of electronic keyboards and computers in music. In 1965, he founded his first amateur jazz group, the Jazz Q, a member of which was the well known flutist Jiri Stivin. But Jiri left the formation in 1970, when Martin changed his musical orientation, heavily influenced by the likes of Chick Corea and John McLaughlin.

Along with Martin's keyboards the band's setup here comprised Lubos Andrst on guitar, Premysl Faukner on bass and Jaromir Helesic on drums. Here's a nice slice of Eastern European funky jazz-fusion, recorded in Praha/Czech Republic in 1977.

1) The Bed-Time Witch
2) Resurrection
3) Footprints
4) Allegory
5) Icicles
6) Weathercock
7) Diamonds
8) Happy-Go-Lucky

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