Tuesday, May 9, 2006


Here's a personal compilation of ultra-hip vocalese-jazz recordings by Estonian group Collage culled from their impossible-to-find Russian Melodiya albums from the seventies. Legendary stuff this, impossible to adequately put into words and incomparable in form & delivery to anything I can immediately think of. Try Estonian Novi Singers & you'll have some idea!

This seven-piece consists of three female vocalists who sound like angels and four male musicians. Together they perform an incredible combination of jazzy, classical folk tunes and whilst many of the songs have an ethereal hymnal quality, they all come together to forge a timeless and irresistable groove!

Absolutely essential...

1) Mets Neidude Vahel
2) Halb Sirp
3) Petis Peiu
4) Kee, Pada
5) Neiud Lähevad Ära
6) Uni, Tule Silma Peale!
7) Memme Vaev
8) Ehted Kadunud
9) Kodukingu Kuusik
10) Neiut Pole Kodus
11) Vastlalaul
12) Oh, Seda Õnnista Eluga
13) Bossanova Hing
14) Üheskoos

(Translations available on request)

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