Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Come To Brasil...

Roberto Avila & Cachoeiras - Come To Brasil Plainis Phare CH-1267 (Swi) (1987)

Sorry for the the late update, I have just returned from Barcelona and am now renewed and ready for some special Easter shares.

Blogger has just wiped my not too inconsiderable introduction to this album and I don't really have the inclination at this time to repeat myself.

Don't let the year put you off with this one, it's a timeless classic and a real favorite I never tire of hearing. Guitarist and cavaquinho player Roberto Avila produces this sublime effort and whilst the title track & opener is a little commercial and probably the album's weakest tune the rest of it is an inspired listen and boasts some tremendously funky and jazzy tunes oozing grooviness and top class musicianship.

Swiss based Brasilian band Cachoeiras comprise Roger Blavia on percussion, drums & backing vocals, Ademir Candido on guitar, Eduardo "Dudu" Penz on superb form on electric bass, Paulo Menezes on percussion, Julinho Martins on keyboards, percussion & vocals, Marcelinho Martins on alto sax and female backing by Peggy Chew, Jackie Leite & Faffy Martins.

And who's that on flugelhorn? None other than Freddie Hubbard adding punctuation to a hitherto unknown but significant chapter in the history of Brasilian music. Who said music from the late eighties can't be groovy? No sir, not me...

1) Come To Brasil
2) Chorinho Prus Veio
3) Arara Sirio
4) Maybe You Know
5) Perto De Casa
6) Boca Do Mato
7) Samba Na Moita
8) Malvada
9) Baiao 171
10) Faffy Fofa

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